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Matthew 25 serves as great motivation, "I was hungry and you fed me...thirsty and you gave me drink...needed clothes and you clothed me...sick and you cared for me...in prison and you visited me. Whenever you have done this for the least person, you did it for me."

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Linc and I have both been quite active in our church.  This year we are again helping to coordinate a Perspectives class that started in January.  This has been the biggest class yet!

I'm still writing with the small group curriculum writing team, and have been writing a few devotionals for Stephanie's church in Washington.

I have made three trips to Asia now, and am preparing for a second trip to Argentina next month (March).  These trips are humbling experiences.  I have met so many wonderful people and seen some of what God is doing in the world.  

I believe God really needs us to reach out to others—to let his love shine through us onto others so that they might know Him.  I pray for this daily.


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