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February 2004


Now that we have our 5th wheel rig all set up and ready for travel, we are getting away for three day weekends at least once a month.  It is soooo relaxing to get away from home and we hope to do a lot of "exploring" this summer as we get out and about.


Teri is getting ready for a whirlwind of travel this spring and summer.  In March, she is again traveling to Argentina on a mission trip with Saddleback Church.  Then, in May, she will be heading out to see Tim, Jerry and families in Colorado for a bit. 


In July, its off again to Canada to visit with the beloved newfound Canadian branch of g-grandfather's family.  There will be a family reunion and a trip to the Canadian Rockies.  From Canada, she will head directly to Stephanie's in Washington State to help care for the grandsons while Stephanie and Kayla are off on mission to Peru.  How exciting!


Linc & Teresa


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