Oakland, Alameda Co., CA


Latitude: 37.772323, Longitude: -122.214897


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Charles Royal  1 Apr 1890Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02792
2 Allen, John  Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02789
3 Allen, Martha L.  20 Dec 1887Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02791
4 Charpentier, Peter Eugene  Abt 1876Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I09928
5 Crowley, Jane  Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02599
6 Dinger, W. F.   I03551
7 Herrick, S. M.   I16310
8 Honey, L. A.   I24053
9 Hulbert, B. J.   I07435
10 Irish, Aldyth  6 Sep 1911Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03544
11 Irish, Arthur Stewart  21 Feb 1915Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03547
12 Irish, Clarence Allison  21 Apr 1916Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02246
13 Irish, Jr. Clarence West  14 Jul 1902Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I07379
14 Irish, Clifford Lucius  6 Jun 1883Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03535
15 Irish, Clifford Lucius  30 Sep 1912Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03545
16 Irish, C.   I03554
17 Irish, Emma Kathryn  1 May 1910Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I12545
18 Irish, K. J.   I03571
19 Irish, K. A.   I03555
20 Irish, M. W.   I03562
21 Irish, P. J.   I03561
22 Irish, R.   I16286
23 Irish, Sanford  4 Mar 1889Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03536
24 Irish, S.   I03557
25 Irish, T. J.   I03556
26 Irish, Vincent Harkinson  12 Mar 1897Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03537
27 Irish, Vincent Harkinson Jr.  6 Mar 1922Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03567
28 Irish, Weston Spencer  23 Dec 1913Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03546
29 Kain, S. G.   I15692
30 Simpson, D. I.   I22999
31 Simpson, James Lowel  6 Jun 1915Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I22997
32 Simpson, James Lowel  6 Jun 1915Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I23004
33 Simpson, J. B.   I23002
34 Simpson, L. C.   I23000
35 Simpson, Mabrey Annetta  24 Feb 1913Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I15691
36 Simpson, R. B.   I23001
37 Simpson, Whitney Bertrum  10 Feb 1918Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I22998
38 Sullivan, James Spencer  24 Dec 1887Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02594
39 Sullivan, M. D.   I03581
40 Sullivan, Minnie  Abt 1881Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02592
41 Sullivan, Pansy Bee  1883Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02593
42 Sullivan, V. H.   I03582
43 Williams, C. D.   I16458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Austin), Aurora M.  4 Feb 1983Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I08014
2 Badgley, Robert  9 Dec 1939Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I01235
3 Bradway, Joseph Richard  11 Oct 1902Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I26465
4 Irish, Chester Gilbert  26 May 1931Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03826
5 Irish, Elvira Jane  15 Apr 1894Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I26464
6 Irish, Frances Marie  12 Jun 1969Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I14390
7 Irish, Hon. John Powell  6 Oct 1923Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06789
8 Irish, Minnie May  20 Nov 1937Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I01234
9 Irish, Sanford  Apr 1913Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I03536
10 Irish, Stephen Lucius  3 Dec 1889Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02567
11 Kain, Atwell Delos  21 Jun 1954Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I15668
12 Kline, Martha U.  12 Nov 1908Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02568
13 Miner, Mark Leonard  24 Jun 1944Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I19542
14 Simpson, James Lowell  22 Jul 1960Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I22995
15 Sullivan, Minnie  Abt 1881Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02592
16 Sullivan, Pansy Bee  1886Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I02593
17 Sutton, James Edward  17 Oct 1935Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I22191
18 Whitney, Ethel Margaret  5 Oct 1969Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I22996

1900 12th US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 12th US Census    Person ID 
1 Irish, John Peck  1900Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06810
2 Irish, Hon. John Powell  1900Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06789
3 McClellan- Fletcher, Annie  1900Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06808

1910 13th US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 13th US Census    Person ID 
1 Hus, Francis  1910Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06814
2 Hus, Francis L.  1910Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06811
3 Irish, Frances  1910Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06809
4 Irish, Hon. John Powell  1910Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06789
5 McClellan- Fletcher, Annie  1910Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06808

1930 15th US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 15th US Census    Person ID 
1 Hus, Anne  1930Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06812
2 Hus, Francis  1930Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06814
3 Hus, Francis L.  1930Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06811
4 Irish, Frances  1930Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I06809


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Irish, Lucille Margaret  Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I16278
2 Irish, N. L.   I10913
3 Olney, Ransom  Oakland, Alameda Co., CA I07344


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Badgley / Lotz  7 Jun 1930Oakland, Alameda Co., CA F0695
2 Badgley / Saxton  19 Oct 1935Oakland, Alameda Co., CA F0696
3 Irish / Smith  25 Jul 1882Oakland, Alameda Co., CA F1622
4 Johnson / Badgley  1 Jan 1928Oakland, Alameda Co., CA F0693
5 Schoug / Sutton  4 Jul 1929Oakland, Alameda Co., CA F7571
6 Simpson / Whitney  2 Jan 1912Oakland, Alameda Co., CA F7821