What's this e-Book all about?

This project was started around 2000 as a way to do a number of things:
1. Understand the book "Descendants of John Irish" better.
2. Provide a way for those persons not having access to an actual copy of the book to be able to see the pages.
3. Provide a way for updtaes to take place in electronic form, as there had never been an update for the book.

This was quite an undertaking, and I wish to thank many individuals who helped alog the way. I would especially like to thank Joe Travis and Eileen Irish for their tireless hours of data entry.

The book is broken up into what I call "Family Groups". If a person is the head of a Family group He/She will appear in the book twice. Once as son/daugheter or perhaps grandson/granddaughter and once as father/mother. These groups contain from 1 to 5 generations and may link to other family groups. I have now taken each family group whether it be one page or possibly less to as much as 5 pages and combined them into a "Family Group" PDF. You may see more than those in the target Family Group because the Family Groups may overlap pages and or break in the middle of a page.

What does all this mean?
It means that to trace your descendancy through the book may be difficult.
My heritage starts out on page 372 with my mother Patsy Kain #11175. Her family group leads off with Joseph Irish 11175
Joseph then appears in his family group and listed on page 371 in the family group led by his father Pardon Irish 10830
Pardon irish then appears on page 362 and is the son of Jesse Irish 7764

Confused yet??
Jesse Irish #7764 then appears on page 268 as the son of Jesse Irish 138
Jesse Irish #138 then appears on page 18 as the son of Jonathan Irish 24
Jonathan Irish #24 then appears on page 14 as the son of John Irish 5
John Irish #5 then appears on page 13 as the son of John Irish 1

Now I'm confused

I just traveled through 6 Family groups and 10 Generations or you can look at it this way:
1 John Irish
5 John Irish
24 Jonathan Irish
138 Jesse Irish
7764 Jesse Irish
10830 Pardon Irish
11131 Joseph Irish
11150 Alonzo W. Irish
11164 Mattie D. Irish
11175 Patsy Fern Haymaker

So what all this means is most books of this type took some page flipping to follow through all of the generations. There was just no way around it. And with no actual book in front of you it was almost impossible to find where to go. Now with computers and the web, you can just follow the Irish name through your ancestors.

Here is some information that accumulated along the way:
492 pages of actual names - Pages 13 to 505
15344 persons named with REFN numbers
139 Index pages - Pages 523 to 662
370 Family groups:
Here is a look at all of the family groups:

What's in the book but not in the index:
There are a number of fathers and mothers names of Irish spouses listed in the pages but they do not appear in the index. Those names do appear on the web pages.

Other notes: Not every person listed in the book has a number. Spouses and children were left dangling with no number. I have listed them with a "-" and sub number for their REFN
Here is an example: Wife of Asa Irish - Look at the person and then look at the book page.

Some REFN's persons have no name.
Here is an example: Wife of Charles Edwin Irish - Look at the person and then look at the book page.

Thanks for looking